3. Session Structure/How to use LUNCH Points™

Session Structure

We're going to be doing a number of things each day when your kids and all of the activities are designed to mimic, or approximate, certain home, community and school-based situations. For dropping your child off, please do a "clean, positive" goodbye. If your child is complaining, and that happens about 15% of the time, please acknowledge what they are saying and let them though you look forward to hearing about it later on.

Having said that, please, please, please do NOT ask your child "how did it go?" when you pick them up. Consider saying, "it's great to see you," "do you need to stop for a snack?" Or anything else other than "How did it go?"

The reason for this is that some kids, especially those who are more shy, oppositional, or rigid, often negatively distort what occurred in group. Remember, you will have an opportunity to see literally hundreds of videos of your child and the different group program. This will give you a chance to make up your own mind. There have been so many times that a parent will report, "My child says no one is paying attention to her," sounding a bit bothered by this. Then, they come to the parent meeting, see videos of staff giving their daughter raffle tickets, the child smiling at points throughout the day, and others talking and interacting. Remember, children's perceptions can be skewed. It doesn't make them liars or deceitful, rather just that they are electing to recall some parts while ignoring others.